SAF 2021

On December 9, 10, 2021, the first STEAM Azerbaijan Festival 2021 was held at the Baku Expo Center with the support of the Ministry of Education within the framework of the "STEAM Azerbaijan" project.

The purpose of the festival, which was organized for the first time in the country for students of 6-11 grades, is to identify talented and creative students with different ideas, to develop new opportunities for cooperation and communication between students. Within the framework of the festival, in 10 categories - "STEAM Open (makerthon)", "Hackathon", "Micro:Bıt", "Lego Sumo", "Line follower", "3D Cad", "Short Movie", "Edu Drone", " Humanoid Robot" competitions were organized. In addition, schoolchildren were given the opportunity to get acquainted with the "Escape Room" in the Quest technologies module and become an active participant in the game. 374 participants from 91 teams from the regions, 518 participants from 198 teams from the capital, totaling 892 participants from 289 teams participated in the festival.

Speaking at the event, Minister of Education Emin Amrullayev stressed that the students who participated in the festival will return to their schools with high motivation, and also emphasized the importance of the festival in revealing and developing their ICT knowledge and skills. The Minister of Education said that it is planned to expand the geography of the festival in the next years and to attract schoolchildren from other countries.

The minister expressed his gratitude to the people who contributed to the organization of the festival, congratulated the winning teams and wished them success.

Awarding of winners and closing ceremony was held on December 10.

List of winning teams:

Position Category Team Name Region
1st place 3D CAD Evolution Baku
1st place Edu Drone ZAFAR (Target) Baku
1st place Hackathon PHOBOS Baku
1st place Humanoid Unimate Ganja
1st place Lego Sumo Junior Victor Shirvan
1st place Lego Sumo Senior RoboKaspi Senior Baku
1st place Line Follower RaPID Baku
1st place Micro:bit STEAM Zakalar Baku
1st place STEAM Open Grapefrut Baku
1st place Short Movie Mystery Baku
2nd place 3D CAD Animal defense Fairy tale
2nd place 3D CAD Istiklal Baku
2nd place Edu Drone Victory (136) Baku
2nd place Edu Drone Tigers Baku
2nd place Hackathon Black and White Baku
2nd place Humanoid Mind Bogglers Baku
2nd place Lego Sumo Junior BakuRob Baku
2nd place Lego Sumo Senior Victory Baku
2nd place Line Follower Robuilders Mingachevir
2nd place Line Follower King of robots Baku
2nd place Programmers with Micro:bit Balakan Balakan
2nd place Micro:bit Zafarim Baku
2nd place STEAM Open Zafar-Guba Guba
2nd place STEAM Open Illuminated world Baku
2nd place Short Movie Victory team Zagatala
3rd place 3D CAD Erudity Baku
3rd place 3D CAD Lacci Baku
3rd place 3D CAD Minesweepers Baku
3rd place Edu Drone "Pioneers" Baku
3rd place Edu Drone Silent Kill Drone Baku
3rd place Edu Drone Banner Baku
3rd place Hackathon Digibrains Ganja
3rd place Humanoid Robot Reboot Ganja
3rd place Lego Sumo Junior NanoSumo Baku
3rd place Lego Sumo Junior Victory Shamakhi Shamakhi
3rd place Lego Sumo Senior Chaos Barda
3rd place Lego Sumo Senior Nakhchivangala Nakhchivan
3rd place Line Follower SUMbuilders_4 Sumgayit
3rd place Line Follower RoboKaspi_LF Baku
3rd place Line Follower Summit Baku
3rd place to Micro:bit Zefer, Baku
3rd place Micro:bit Khazar Baku
3rd place Micro:bit SHABRAN Shabran
3rd place STEAM Open Drop Astara
3rd place STEAM Open Smart Map of Karabakh Baku
3rd place STEAM Open Victory Road Guba
3rd place Short Movie Nur Ucar

It should be noted that the main goal of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) project, which has been implemented by the Ministry of Education since 2019, is critical, creative thinking, cooperation, etc. such as building 21st century skills, creating opportunities for learning through a creative process, not teaching subjects in isolation, but integrating them into a single learning model based on real-world applications. At the same time, it is to improve the ability to use modern ICT equipment by applying different programming languages.